We all need connection.

Relationship issues can surface as grief, loss, conflict, anger, feeling left out, feeling overwhelmed (hyper-responsible) or disconnected and depressed. These feelings may be triggered in current relationships.

In our therapy relationship, you’ll grow to understand your current difficulties. We’ll also track patterns back to earlier relationships in your family of origin. Understanding the source of these patterns, gives you more freedom to not get stuck in the present.

Often we unconsciously reenact the way we were in our families of origin. Even though dysfunctional, it can feel perversely comfortable and familiar! Some of this repetition may be fueled by our earnest wish to finally make it better. This pattern “enters the room” whenever we do. Appreciating these patterns frees up energy to find more functional ways of relating. You’ll explore all the ways these patterns emerge…including in our working relationship.

As you catch on, you’ll discover new more functional patterns and drop the old dysfunctional patterns. This is empowering work!