Teaching professionals about group therapy.

My passion about group springs from my deep appreciation of the power of groups to heal …and to harm! I teach therapists how to harness the power of group to heal. The therapists learn their responsibility to insure that the group does no harm! I emphasize that it’s normal for us to project our insecurities on others. When this happens in individual therapy, the therapist identifies the projection and in the secure therapeutic alliance explore the client’s vulnerabilities. This exploration leads to deeper understanding and engagement. When this projection happens in group process, the effective group therapist empowers the whole group to own their impulse to project insecurity on the scapegoat. As the whole group takes back that projection, the group builds trust and cohesion. The marginalized members are brought back in and enrich the diversity of the whole. All members are less afraid of being left on the margin. Difference is celebrated. This is liberating process for all in the group.

This teaching is liberating for all of us!