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About Steve Cadwell

Over my career, psychotherapeutic theory and technique have evolved to appreciate the fundamental power of relationship in our development and healing. I have done my own part in furthering this vitalizing work. I co-edited a book on psychotherapy with gay men in the age of AIDS, both specific to HIV and broadening to the frontiers […]


We all need connection.

Relationship issues can surface as grief, loss, conflict, anger, feeling left out, feeling overwhelmed (hyper-responsible) or disconnected and depressed. These feelings may be triggered in current relationships. In our therapy relationship, you’ll grow to understand your current difficulties. We’ll also track patterns back to earlier relationships in your family of origin. Understanding the source of […]

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Couples: How did we get here? Where are we going?

In couples therapy, your relationship is our primary focus. Intimate relationships can be wonderfully fulfilling and also excruciatingly painful. In our most intimate relationships, we often reenact old dramas and get stuck in painful ruts. Without knowing it, we may pick or groom our partners to match characteristics of our earliest caregivers. Unconsciously, we often […]


It’s all about relationship.

What helps us thrive?  What makes us sick?  Relationships can nurture or shame us.  We are nurtured by expansive attachments to nature, place, family, peers, work, art, therapy and the arc towards social justice.   We are shamed and smothered by rejecting and neglecting relationships of narrow norms of worth, identity, sexuality, and gender.   I have […]

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Therapy for Lesbian Couples

For lesbian couples, all the earlier dynamics of family of origin are present with the additional challenge of negotiating self-determined gender roles.  There is freedom to be found in this and this can be exhausting due to limited external support.  Isolation can undermine any couple’s capacity to negotiate inevitable conflict.  This is especially true when the […]


Teaching clinicians about gender, sexuality, and shame.

My teaching on gender, sexuality, and shame is focused on extending students and clinicians understanding of the scarring hardship of homophobia and gender role constriction. Constricted gender roles are often the first inhibiting socialization that we negotiate in our early childhood. We continue to negotiate these roles through out our lives. Social restrictions on expression […]

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Wild and Precious

Gay? Straight? Bi? Trans? Still trying to sort it out? You’ll feel right at home — as if you’re sitting in Steve Cadwell’s salon — during every moment of Wild & Precious. Cadwell’s story is delivered through the lens of a married gay psychotherapist in Boston who dedicates his practice to gay men. But his […]