It’s all about relationship.

What helps us thrive?  What makes us sick?  Relationships can nurture or shame us.  We are nurtured by expansive attachments to nature, place, family, peers, work, art, therapy and the arc towards social justice.   We are shamed and smothered by rejecting and neglecting relationships of narrow norms of worth, identity, sexuality, and gender.   I have committed my career to understand how shame interrupts healthy development of self-esteem.  I ask, tell and pursue my clients to assist in their quest for more life.  In our therapeutic relationship, you’ll discover freedom over external and internal oppression and more full engagement in your work, play, relationships, and life!

Its about the relationship.  Our earliest emotional stability was grounded or floundered in relationship with our first caregivers.  The therapeutic relationship we build capitalizes on your strengths and stabilizes early instability. I offer a safe, engaged relationship to understand you better.  We’ll explore where you currently are stuck (depression, anxiety, obsessive unproductive behavior, relationship issues, work issues, substance problems).  We’ll work together to determine when you were first stuck and what currently triggers getting stuck.  In our relationship, you’ll build new capacities that you can use to get new traction in your life.
I am a senior clinician in Boston with 35 years of experience teaching therapy and practicing therapy with a broad range of clients.  I will bring my wealth of training and experience to our work to enhance my capacity to connect with you where you are and where you need help.