Gay men’s group therapy: risk, trust, and support.

Often in our group of origin (our family), we suffered from neglect or abuse. We didn’t have secure attachments and emotions were not regulated. In group therapy, as your group therapist, I help the group build trust which builds cohesion.

In the newly forged safety of the group, the members risk grappling in the here and now with difficult conversations and tough histories. Sometimes for the first time, you learn about safe boundaries and how to own your vulnerabilities in non-defensive ways. In the relationships in the group, you learn about what you feel and what you need in relationships. With feedback from your fellow group members, you better understand how you’ve been protecting yourself in ways that kept you safe in insecure past relationships and that aren’t functional anymore eg. self-punishment isolation and emotion-numbing addiction.

In the group, you learn to take calculated risks to be known. You join the other members in doing courageous work!

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