Are you in? Or are you out?

Are you passing?
Are you Out but unfulfilled?
Do you feel isolated?
Who are you attracted to?
Do you identify with any sexual orientation?
Do you feel free to express your most authentic self?
Do people affirm your personal experience of your gender?
Does homophobia closet you?
Do you undermine yourself through compulsive use of drugs, alcohol, internet sex sites, and sex?

Do ANY of these questions sound like YOU???

In our work together in therapy, you’ll be able to explore your answers to these questions and more. You’ll find in our relationship a safe, secure place to be known, to face fears and to unpack scarring hardships from past hurt.

Often our families of origin and first peer experiences crippled us and stunted our free expression of our full spectrum selves. Therapy can be liberating—in a safe, integrating way. You’ll feel more engaged with your core self and more discriminating about how and where and when to bring more of your self out into the world.

Out and Proud!