About Steve Cadwell

Over my career, psychotherapeutic theory and technique have evolved to appreciate the fundamental power of relationship in our development and healing. I have done my own part in furthering this vitalizing work. I co-edited a book on psychotherapy with gay men in the age of AIDS, both specific to HIV and broadening to the frontiers of therapy in general. I’ve worked to support caregivers overwhelmed by the traumas of HIV. I’ve studied and written on gender, sexuality and shame – themes which are both specific to my gay male clients and also are resonant universal themes.
Although psychotherapy is a private boundaried experience which focuses on the personal, it’s political social implications are profound. “The personal is political”. Through this work, I add to the work of my generation of gay men who continue to fight the stigma of homophobia and turn the tide by defining ourselves, rather than allowing others to define us. When psychotherapy called us sick, we found our own theories and changed the way therapy works. I empower all my clients (gay and otherwise) to discover their own power to be different, to claim their pride in their difference in order to make a difference in the order of things.