A gateway to feeling good about yourself.

What makes you vulnerable to low self-esteem? What makes you more resilient to life’s blows?

Often the source of vulnerability is shame rooted in one’s core sense of not being worthy of love. This shame can show up in an array of symptoms: anxiety, depression, or self-medicating addiction. The source of this poor self-esteem is often rooted in early “lack of good-enough fit” in the family of origin whose capacity to nurture was not sufficient to meet biological temperament needs.

As children we take on this misfit as our fault: we feel shame. In our therapeutic relationship, you’ll find a solid, secure, nonjudgmental relationship where you’ll grow to understand where you are vulnerable to shame and you’ll develop recovery strategies built on strengths and on insights about your past. You’ll work on finding a better fit in the world–to your benefit!