It's all about relationship

The therapeutic relationship we build capitalizes on your strengths and stabilizes early instability. I offer a safe, engaged relationship to understand you better.  We’ll explore where you currently are stuck (depression, anxiety, obsessive unproductive behavior, relationship issues, work issues, substance problems).  We’ll work together to determine when you were first stuck and what currently triggers getting stuck.  In our relationship, you’ll build new capacities that you can use to get new traction in your life. What it's like

Group therapy for gay men: it takes a village.

Group therapy for gay men is empowering; Think of group therapy as a workout for your emotions. You'll stretch and strengthen your ability to risk and engage. You'll negotiate your own needs while respecting and challenging others. Issues include: isolation, social skills, sex, coming out, self-esteem, shame, depression, homophobia, HIV, party drugs, and family and relationship problems.   I'm interested in group therapy

Couples: Making it Work.

I help couples recognize their version of this cycle of blame, shame, and injury. Once projections are contained and understood, the couple can rediscover more of what is hopeful and healing in their mutual respect and love for each other. The hurtful distancing or clinging can be understood at its source and the early childhood pain acknowledged, understood, and treated. The core healthy desire to be a life partner and have a life partner is reclaimed. In the safety of our therapeutic alliance, the couple has difficult conversations. Healthy communication is strengthened. Intimacy is restored. The intimate relationship deepens and is more fulfilling. More about couples

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  • We may exchange emails and talk by phone to share your concerns and find out about my approach to psychotherapy. You may decide to come in for an initial consultation. My practice is located on a quiet residential street in downtown Boston. My office is a calm, comfortable space where you can feel at ease and focus on your work. This is your time. You can use it to vent or explore issues that confound you. You may experience a vulnerable moment, a cathartic release, or just sit quietly. Much of our session will consist of you talking and me listening and engaging with you. Therapy can range from a handful of sessions or on-going work over several years. Everyone’s needs are different. We’ll stay mindful to accomplish your goals so you can move on.
  • I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified group psychotherapist. I have been in private practice in Boston for 30 years. I have also worked at clinics and hospitals in the Boston area. I have a Ph.D. in clinical social work from Smith College.
  • I work with clients from diverse backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations. I am culturally sensitive and competent. I am skilled at helping people with a broad range of problems and diagnoses. Some of my clinical areas of focus include relationships, chemical dependency recovery, sex addiction, coping with chronic illness, anxiety disorders, and depression.   More about Steve Cadwell

Gender, Sexuality, and Shame.

My teaching on gender, sexuality, and shame is focused on extending students and clinicians understanding of the scarring hardship of homophobia and gender role constriction. Constricted gender roles are often the first inhibiting socialization that we negotiate in our early childhood. We continue to negotiate these roles through out our lives. Sexual feelings and social restrictions on how to express them is often a second source of shaming and constriction. I model and promote open inquiry by creating a safe place to explore ourselves. We find new responsible freedom in connection and affirmation of each other. The teaching and learning parallels the liberating work we offer our clients! Education for Clinicians.

Courses in Group Therapy.

I teach group therapy theory and technique at Graduate Schools (BU) and professional training programs (Harvard Psychiatry Residents at Cambridge City Hospital) and in the post-grad training program of the Northeast Society for Group Psychotherapy. In my lectures, case studies, role play, consultation, and more, course participants learn the basics of group leadership, the development of groups, boundary management, group dynamics and secure conflict management. Teaching Group Therapy

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